Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am so scared but I really want to run away.I am scared from all the stories I heard of the slaves that ran away.I have so much questions in my head like am I gonna be safe if I run away or am a I gonna be  whip  if they find me are they gonna sell me to a meaner master.I don't like sleeping with 12 other people.I wish that I wasn't a slave.Being sold is the worst thing since you be away from your family.I am really scared.


    My master told me to get turkey and I tripped and the turkey ran away.I told my mistress and she told me to tell the master that I have to get whip.I got whip by my master and It was a bad time to get whip since he was drunk.When I had to get whip I was scared to death.I really don’t like this slavery thing.I wish this slavery thing ended.Also I really don’t like sleeping with twelve people.Now I don’t want to stay here with the mean master.I wish I could relax like the mistress and master.I don’t like this place.

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