Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am so scared but I really want to run away.I am scared from all the stories I heard of the slaves that ran away.I have so much questions in my head like am I gonna be safe if I run away or am a I gonna be  whip  if they find me are they gonna sell me to a meaner master.I don't like sleeping with 12 other people.I wish that I wasn't a slave.Being sold is the worst thing since you be away from your family.I am really scared.


    My master told me to get turkey and I tripped and the turkey ran away.I told my mistress and she told me to tell the master that I have to get whip.I got whip by my master and It was a bad time to get whip since he was drunk.When I had to get whip I was scared to death.I really don’t like this slavery thing.I wish this slavery thing ended.Also I really don’t like sleeping with twelve people.Now I don’t want to stay here with the mean master.I wish I could relax like the mistress and master.I don’t like this place.

Slavery Day 2

I am a ghost.You want to now the story how I died.Well it all started like this.......I was running away but then I got seen by my master so he released his dogs in the middle of the night.The dogs chased me and caught by the dogs.And now I am dead....when the dogs were chasing me I was scared to death.I should have been careful.Why do I have to be so clumsy.I think being dead is better than being a slave.Now I regret of running away.I don't like being dead.But at least I don't need to be whipped.Bye bye now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kathy Northeast road trip

I hope I get to see Georgia and learn a lot of stuff.I already know that the main food the Northeast is oranges,peanuts,and cotton.I really wan't to see Missipi rver or some few mountians.I want to learn everything about the Northeast!

kathy southwest road trip

On my road trip I went to the Alamo and learned that the Alamo was a spanish mission.Alamo means cottonwood.I went to the Saguaro Natinol park and learned that there are lots of cactus and is perserve by the Dincon mountain and the Fuscom mountain.The Calorado river is a main source riverof the sothwest.I went to Oklahoma city and learned that Oklahoma was just a hill of grass I learned tht the poplution of Oklahomea city is like a millon.I also went tothe natinol monument and learned that the whole place is a desert and the sandstone walls are up to a 1,000 feet.I had so much fun!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kathy's southwest road trip

I can't believe that I am going to have a road trip on the southwest.I want to see some native american tribes.I know abot the Pueblo and Almano.I also want to see some Grand Canyons or caves.I can't wait till we start the road trip.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today I went to the Great Salt Lake,Hoover Dam,Los Angeles, Death Valley,and Golden Gate Bridge.Death valley was hot and it you walk there you become thirsty .Death valley was lots of rocky mountions.Los Angeles is important for gambling.Gambling is important to Los Angeles because if there was no gambling the encomy would fall if there is gambling the encomy would go up and there would be lots of money for people.I learned that the people who built the Hoover Dam died from the water the Hoover Dam holds up the river.I learned that if you went on the water you would float and the salt lake is also good for your skin.And last but not least the Golden Gate Bridge is really tall from sea level , the Golden Gate Bridge is the tallest bridge in the world!!!!Bye for now!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


HI It's Kathy again , this time I'm traveling to the west.I know that California had a gold rush and the people who came at later were called 49-rs.And because of the gold rush California became a town.Los Angelos is know for gambling.Gambling is important to Los Angelos because it lets people use the money for jobs and homes.I want to go to LA, California,and I want to enjoy the trip!I also want to learn about the WILD WEST!